How Manifestation Works

New Science


When You Are In "Nature State", You Become Film Projector That You Can Create Whatever Life You Want.


BlissLab Helps You Practice "Nature State" To Activate Outer Intention.

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

Albert Einstein
Why BlissLab Works

The Secret of Manifestation Lies In The Unity of Heart and Mind.

It can achieve easier than you think. We have algorithm technology which can measure that. Just follow the simple steps below.


Step 1

Equip yourself with any heart rate variability devices in the market.


Step 2

Our algorithm measures your baseline nature state from your heart beat, so you know how deep your desire quantum leaps to the Source Field (Projector).


Step 3

Track Your Progress and See What Work and What Doesn't Work For You.

Our Features

Deepen Your Manifestation Practice

Track Your Nature State

The simple, intuitive user interface is designed to help you see exactly what you need to track your nature state toward vision goals using heart rate device.

Activate and Strengthen Your Senses

Create Vision Board

The simple user interface is designed to help you create and track your vision boards from all categories of your life.

Motivate Yourself With Different Modalities

Join Challenge

We provide daily, weekly, monthly manifestation challenges from all levels that you can join anytime for lifetime.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is BlissLab Requires Heart-rate Device To Manifest?

Nope. Heart-rate device is optional in BlissLab. To minimise your manifestation results, you can still listen to music and work on daily manifestation challenge without heart-rate device. We do recommend you get heart rate device to maximize and make your manifestation more accountable.

I Don’t Meditate Before. Is BlissLab Works For Me?

Yes, BlissLab is for everyone that want to change their lifeline in their own accordance. We have meditation challenge that suitable for people who didn’t meditate before.

How Do I Get Mobile App For My Phone?

We currently building web browser version only for beta version. Mobile version is currently unavailable and work in progress.

Is Our Recorded Data Protected?

We won’t shared any data to public without your concern. All recorded data only used for research purpose and help us to improve our algorithm, so that we can release more features to make your life better.

Is Nature State Algorithm Scientific Proven?

Yes. Our theories experiment by Unified Science, which mathematics, geometry, music, cosmology, biology, physics, chemistry and philosophy can unified and work for all scales in universe. Learn more about Nature State Algorithm in next Question.

What is Nature State Algorithm using in BlissLab?

The nature state algorithm is created by Quantum Physicist, which use fibnonacci to construct the Fractal Heart Beat which similar to human nature frequency and compute the strength of nature state within heart beat. This algorithm had been experiment for more than 30 years and nearly 500 peer review studies had been conducted for health benefits.

BlissLab measures Heart Beat only, how about the brainwave?

The heart generates 5,000 times stronger electromagnetic field than the brain, which means that the signal from heart to brain, has huge impact in the neuro-circuitry in the brain. When heart beat is synchronized (nature state), the brain most likely to become synchronized too.

What if BlissLab doesn’t work for me?

I know everyone lifeline and body is unique and difference from each other. With technology which makes you more accountable, we do believe if you take full commitment for weeks or months, you will see result. Always remember, shifting different states of consciousness requires daily meditative practice. Even you don’t manifested what you want, you still get tons of health benefits.


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